Track record of properties being sold or leased through social media and video marketing.

SOLD! 2+Study Parc Palais Living Apartment For Sale!

Was invited to market this two bedrooms apartment by the owner. Took me two and the half months to sell this unit after I decided to create a video adding the sound effects and inspired to highlight the benefits of the place, apartment and its surrounding. After completed the whole transaction was then learned from my seller that he had gotten agents to sell it for a year but unable to till I sold it through my effective video marketing strategy via social media.

LEASED! 3+1 HDB For Rent | Blk 837 Tampines

Received a call from a landlord, wanted to lease her apartment. Her apartment had been in the market for 5 months, her asking price was reasonable. I made an effort to convert those pictures that I took to video. Leased it out within 3 days through video marketing via digital marketing.

SOLD! 5I Corner For Sale In Tampines

Sold this unit within three weeks through video marketing. Efforts was made to visit the surrounding vicinity and captured the inspiration from the green and serenity of the surrounding. This video was created with the supporting of the nature, bird singing sound and introduction of the apartment through a voice makeover.


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