How to sell a HDB flat fast in Singapore

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How to sell a HDB flat fast in Singapore

I have this HDB resale unit SOLD within a month.

Thank you to my seller who engaged me to market this property in Tampines.

Finding The Unique Selling Point

This HDB resale property is a 4A corridor unit having a surprisingly size of 108 sq m which is bigger than a normal 4A corner unit, and this is one of the unique selling point. i took my time to walk around the surrounding and took some pictures that may enhance the value of this property and its location.

What this place got to offer

There is a day care center for children before and after school which is a plus point to working class parent where they can peacefully enroll their children to this center and it is just a stone throw from this unit I am marketing.

There are elderly care center and a community center which is definitely good for family who has old parent where they can get to know more friends and be active in their activity organise by the center.

One of the amazing finding

I took a casual walk to Tampines MRT and amazingly to find that it takes an approximately 10 minutes to reach there. I created the video emphasizing on family values, showing the shelter playground picture where children would love to play even though it is a sunny day where one would not have to worry about the sun, its reflexology and work station which promote healthy living too.

Eatery places and shops are within walking distance from this bock.

It takes one to explore this place and small community plus the convenience that its bring to those who stay there. I was glad that we found a buyer who appreciate such beauty of this block brings and of course my greatest achievement of getting my seller happily moved and attained their expectation price.

Thinking of selling or leasing

So if you have the intention to sell or lease your property, why not consider giving me a try and you would be the one to experience the marketing strategy that I would apply onto your property.

Contat Desmond Mok


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