Leasing Your Property

Leasing your property whether a private property such as condominium, terrace house or a public housing property known as HDB can be a challenge in today market because of demand versus supply.

There is control in numbers of foreign talent coming in to Singapore and work, plus many new condominium development being completed and ready for T.O.P (Temporary Occupation Permit), thus many units are being unoccupied and therefore rental pricing becomes a crucial consideration factor.

For a property to be able to stand out from this leasing market, catching the eye balls of the potential tenants, having a professional and good video presentation is important.

The above video, is one of the unit that was leased out by me on the fourth quarter of 2015. The quality and description on the property that enable potential tenants to see and understand the condition of the property that they are going to view had won such expectation of each individual tenant before making an appointment to view it.

Therefore, dear landlord if you are planning to lease your property, how about setting up a meeting and allow me to discuss with you on how I can assist you to lease your property out within the shortest possible time.

Contat Desmond Mok


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