Selling above valuation for this 5I corner

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Selling above valuation for this 5I corner

The above title has indicated that the above video that you are watching was sold above valuation on the 3rd quarter of 2015.

As mentioned, every property has its own uniqueness and selling point. This property in River Vista has a complete unblock view from the master room to the living hall. An unblock panoramic view of 180 degrees, it brings in a very breezy and amber lighting to every corner of the house both from the main door and the window, thus providing a very good cross- ventilation, lets alone not forgetting the sea view and fireworks display on special occasion hold from the national stadium.

This property has never been an issue when come to marketing it, simply because this property sell by itself in terms of the above mentioned unique selling point.

Every property and video is specially make and create by my video production team, entrusted by my seller or landlord for me to market. Therefore, if you are planning to market or lease your property, please feel free to contact me for a discussion on how I can assist you in marketing or leasing your property out.

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