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Having been in this real estate industry for more than 18 years and seen a tremendous change in this real estate practice especially from a traditional way of advertising on newspaper, flyers using offline methods to reach out to potential clients be it, sellers, buyers, landlord or tenants to digital marketing using a search engine, video marketing and social medial platforms such as Facebook, Linden, Instagram, Youtube, and many others available forms of online to reach out to our potential clients.


To change is definitely a painful process, it takes more than 21 days to get our mindset organised and adapt that we are now in the digital world, therefore, we must take the real facts that in order to move on in this competitive industry, we have to take the initial move to learn new skills that would help in our business, especially trying to learn new techniques and ways of reaching to potential clients online besides still applying it on offline methods. From learning to build a website using WordPress adopting Search Engine Optimization method (also known as S.E.O) which can be a pretty challenging and long terms strategy because the results can never be an instant effect and it takes a long term of time building it on your website and search engine rank it not forgetting that Google changes the algorithm for a better search experience.

However, it definitely pays off for the efforts to write a good article or post especially when Google search engine starts to rank your page or website, and again I would repeatedly say it is a long term strategy and take effort.

However, I am glad that I have made the initiative of investing my money and time to learn, take efforts to understand digital marketing and strongly believe that it would help in my real estate business and especially my clients in the marketing of their property that they have entrusted to me be it for sale or for rent both in HDB property or private property.