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Every client be it a buy, seller, landlord, or a tenant, all have their different needs. Therefore, in serving, all my clients, the detail of their needs are very important. The timeline of moving out of the house and moving into a new house is one of the vital concerns to look upon, otherwise, it would jeopardise the whole transaction of the property.

Having a listening ear, patiently listening to their property concerns be it on the timeline or the financial calculations or property investment, giving them a proper and insight of the property movement, matters a lot especially when they put their trust in our trade. Therefore constantly read up and receiving the latest update of the real estate news indeed help us as a real estate salesperson so that we are well equipping ourselves when our client would like to know more of the real estate market and its condition.

If you are looking for a change whether purchasing or leasing of your property, planning to invest in new launch property or resale market. Need a market analysis of your current property or investment consultation or retirement planning, do feel free to give me a call or drop me a WhatApp message or email to find out more, I would be glad to give you my best of my knowledge to your property needs.